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A Guide to working as a Government Secret Agent or

Confidential Police Informant

Working as a confidential police informant or government secret agent is a highly dangerous occupation, and to survive the many perils requires careful planning and unique skills. Whisper Not Your Secrets reveals how to successfully operate as a police informant or agent for the Security Services and exposes the issues associated with this type of work and what can befall a secret helper if discovered, along with effective methods of survival. This book looks at the work of officially employed undercover law enforcement officers and agents working for intelligence units, as well as unofficial civilians working in the shadowy world of secret intelligence or police undercover operations. Advice is given on various methods of discreetly delivering information as part and parcel of personal trade craft. There is also guidance on how to deal with handlers and most important of all you will discover how to create, protect and maintain your cover. The purpose of this book is to educate undercover agents and confidential informants in the art of self preservation, and to assist them in achieving a mutually beneficial relationship with the police or intelligence services. Whisper Not Your Secrets is therefore essential reading for anyone contemplating such work.

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Non-Fiction   |   Publication Date : 2015 2nd publication 2019