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Gary Murray member of Institute of Professional Invstigators Enemies of the State expose of the Security Services and MI5 by Gary Murray


A sensational expose of the Security Services and Private Detective Industry by a former government undercover agent

The Right Honourable, Sir Tam Dalyell said of Gary Murray and ‘Enemies of the State’

"Gary Murray's chapter on the Security Services should be required reading for any decision maker involved in the current debate on the future role of MI5 and MI6.  To my mind Gary Murray's riveting, first-hand account of life at the operative's sharp end, make the Police-Court relationship well nigh impossible."

"Gary Murray is a candid gamekeeper who in my experience of him both knows and is activated by the difference between right and wrong.  He is constructive, not destructive, patriotic about the values that it is truly worth being patriotic about.  Nowhere have I read such an instructive account of the crucial handler-agent relationship, as that given by Gary Murray."

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Publishers: Simon & Schuster

ISBN-10: 0671711946

ISBN-13: 978-0671711948


Hardback  -  Currently out of print